Reader's  Letter from Australia on the Security Fence


Sub: lunatic article "New Berlin Wall in Israel" ,5 October 2003

G'day! I'm an Australian farmer. I watch the news and read a few papers, so I know a little what's going on over there in Israel and was very much surprised to see that your writer seems to know less.

What is happening to the Israeli nation breaks my heart. On 4 October again 20 civilians, families eating in a restaurant, three generations, Jews and Christian Arabs, were murdered by a Palestinian "hero", coming from the territories where they received autonomy.

So it is really not difficult to understand why the Israelis are building that fence. It can't be high enough. That fence is nothing like what they built in Berlin. Then the Communists needed a fence to keep their people in against their will and Israel has no choice but to try and keep the suicide bombers out with a fence. It's that simple.

Only a lunatic can mix the two things.