Fight against Terror

In case anybody forgot the victims of Hamas' "spiritual" leader.

Israel's "spiritual" helicopter

Israeli Preemptive Strikes - Essential and Justified

Israel’s self-interest demands that the government protect its inhabitants from the murderous attacks of Palestinian suicide terrorists and other forms of assault. Israel has no need to apologize.

Demolition of Terrorists' Houses Near Jenin
15 Kgs explosive device at a baby carriage
On the legality and necessity of demolition of houses in Rafah area
Fighting the weapon supply to Palestinian terror
The real story of Rafiah tunnels, on BBC photos this time

The Shape of Violence to Come?
We May Be More Vulnerable Now, But Killing Yassin Was Necessary
by Yossi Klein Halevi

An Open Letter to Dr. Grinberg in response to his article “Symbolic Genocide”
by Maurice Ostroff
Assassinations or Legal killings
Feeding the crocodile Letter to mr. Jack Straw, UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, who considered the targeted killing of  Sheikh Yassin  as "unacceptable" and "unjustified".
Letter to Kofi Anan, Secretary General of The United Nations
Who was Sheikh Ahmed Yassin ?
The perception that Yassin was the "political" leader and left the management of terrorist activities to others is incorrect. Yassin, himself, often authorized and encouraged attacks.
List of Hamas terrorist attacks

Since the beginning of the current wave of Palestinian violence, in September 2000, Hamas has perpetrated 425 terrorist attacks of various kinds, in which 377 Israelis were murdered and 2,076 civilians and soldiers were wounded.
Alan Dershowitz on the "Yassin case" on TV
Shed no tears over the killing of the sheikh of hate
Michael Gove
OBITUARY - Abdelaziz al-Rantissi 1947-2004 
Remembering Rantisi On Israel's Holocaust Day
Who was Rantisi? What did Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer think about Rantisi's activities?
Targeting Terrorist Leaders
Israel's Actions According to International Law
New York, Bali, Madrid, Israel To kill is always bad, but to kill a terrorist leader, like Sheik Yassin, whose decisions caused and may cause again the death of many innocent people, is right and necessary. And the Israeli-style targeted killing of a terrorists by a precision rocket, keeping harm to by-standers to a minimum, seems to be the least worst way to do it