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v      NEW - Israel's search for peaceAJC’s letter in IHT - August 19, 2008 - Scroll down to  ITEM 1 below

v      NYTT! ”Hvis de gjentar det vil vi drepe dem, i Allahs navn” - 30 juli 2008 -  CLICK  on title or ’Norskabove

“If they do it again we shall kill them, in Allah’s name” - PMW director attacks Norway financing of Palestinian education

v      NEW - Letter to the Editor: Appeasement of Evil - The Times, May 29 2008

                                                                 To read this item scroll down to ITEM 2 down below

v      ITALIANO -  La viltà dell’Onu e il coraggio di re Abdullah - Il Giornale - 9 marzo 2008 -  CLICK  on ’Italiano’ above

Fiamma Nirenstein


Il Giornale - 9 marzo 2008




v      GREEK - 1 fotogafia:‘Palestinian Christians of Gaza Living in Fear.jpg’ Fev.19 CLICK on title or  ελληνικά above

v      FRENCH - Le Hamas applique la théorie du chaos - Liliane Messika - 1 févr. 2008 -  CLICK  Français button above




Une maison de Sdérot détruite par les "roquettes artisanales" Qassam


House in Sderot, destructed by

«home-made» Palestinian Kassam rocket


v      SUOMI -  Gazan kriisi Anna Vähäkangas - 28.1.2008 - CLICK on the title or on SUOMI  button above

v      SVENSKA -  Svenska media & propagandan från Hamas - TORBJÖRN KARFUNKEL - 2008.1.24 - CLICK Svenska  pg above

(‘Swedish media & Hamas propaganda’) 

v      A Sderot sotto i razzi, dove la gente ha esaurito la pazienza e le lacrime - Fiamma Nirenstein - 24 gennaio 2008

Fiamma Nirenstein -  CLICK  on the title (or on ’Italiano’ button above)

v      Explosives disguised as EU humanitarian aid to Gazans - 1.1.2008:



v      Explosives disguised as EU humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza – announces IDF Spokesman’s office - 1.1.2008

  Write your letter to EU leaders, supporting Israel’s security measures! 


v       EU Hilfslieferung für Gaza: Sprengstoff - statt Zucker -

                             Schreiben Sie ihren Brief an... - CLICK German button above


v      De la poudre explosive travestie en sucre dans un convoi d'aide humanitaire



Photo: Reuters


v      Sderot:‘150 Civilian Rocket Victims in Germany’ - IHT doesn’t support free speech; IF;
                if that speech reveals IHT distortions –  Reader’s Letter
December 17-  Scroll down to  ITEM 3below

v       Новая! - В Германии от обстрела ракетами погибло 150 мирных жителей -

           - письмо Take-A-Pen, pедактору газеты «Интернейшнл Геральд Трибюн» - 17.12.2007 - CLICK ’Russkiy’ above

v      NEU!  - Al-Durra Prozess: Eksklusiv Interviews aus ParisTake-A-Pen 2.12..2007     -  CLICK German pg above

v      Svenska - Al-Dura Rättegång: Exklusiva Intervjuer från Domstolen i Paris - TakeAPen – 25 November - Svenska

v      Español - Las Imagenes sin editar del caso Al-Dura reveladas por Primera Vez – 14 Nov -  CLICK Español above

v      Finnish - Voiko Ranskan TV 2:n kuuluisa video Muhammad al-Durrasta olla väärennös?

- Taustatietoja Take-A-Peniltä      -     12.11.2007      -      CLICK  Suomi’ button above

v       Lessons in hate found at leading mosques - Oct. 30, 2007 –

  See From Take-A-Pen's London Correspondent” on our English pg., CLICK on the ’English’ button above

v      Ulster's lesson for the Middle East: Don't indulge extremists

.                    by David Trimble,     The Guardian   - October 25, 2007          -  To read this item scroll down to  ITEM 4 below

v      Palestinian terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza fired Grad missile at Netivot - 15 km inside Israeli territory - 8.10.2007

Israel’s disengagement from (total evacuation of) Gaza two years ago has only led to more attacks and to more terrorism from Palestinian-controlled Gaza. Since the disengagement, over 2000 artillery rockets and hundreds of mortar bombs have struck Israeli territory, leading to the deaths of 14 Israelis and the injury of hundreds. Much of this violence has occurred since the Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007.

Last month, Israel determined that Gaza is a hostile territory, controlled by Hamas - an organization dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist group by most of the democratic world, including the EU, Canada, US, Australia and Japan.   (More on MFA website: )

v      Want electricity? Stop the rockets - by Benny Morris - Los Angeles Times, Sept. 22, and Take-A-Pen Letter  - ITEM 5 below         

v      Pyccкий      .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . On our Russian pg;                      -  CLICK the  Russkiy’ button above


Экспорт палестинской индустрии  ненависти в Россию

                         26 июля 2007 г

             Эндре Мозес и Эдуард Марков            


           In English: Palestinian Hate Industry Exports to Russia                                             ITEM 6 below

v      ‘BUONASERA, SALAAM - AND SHALOM’ – in new book Egyptian-Italian writer denounces Jihadism, praises Israel’s respect for sanctity of life.
 in English: VIVA ISRAEL!’ - Long Live Israel! - Endre Mozes                                   - Scroll down to ITEM 7 below

    Italiano Viva Israele! - Magdi Allam -1.7.2007- on our Italian pg                       -                 CLICK  Italiano button on the top           

v      ‘UNDERSTANDING For Suicide Killers; Less For Their Victims’ -Walter Leaf’s Letter Published in the MAIL - ITEM 8 below

v      Shot by their own side, healed by the enemy - Telegraph, - Weird, Human and Funny (‘Better News from Israelbutton above)



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v      One more Irish-Israeli Love Story- Endre Mozes - 'Willin Fools' Irish band makes Israelis happy (Irish section on English pgs)

One more Irish-Israeli Love Story

  by E. Mozes   - June 1, 2007

'Willin Fools', an Irish band  plays in Israel and makes fun for many

(See in the Irish section on  our English pg)


Photo: Gleb Volkov 2007


v      Dansk -  Angrebene på Sderot fortsætter - 25. maj 2007 - See on Danish pg

v      Hungarian - A dzsenini vérvád (The Blood Libel of Jenin)  -  See our Magyar/Hungarian pg!

                  Gadó János / 2007. március




                                         Mult es Jelen

                                    (Past and present)



v      Nederlands - Als gevolg op onze brief corrigeert haar text: Hamas schiet “noodgedwongen” - 20 mei - on Dutch pg

v      Norsk - Hamas tar avstand fra vold?- Willy 22 mars 2007  -  CLICK above on 'Norwegian'

v      Greek - ελληνικά ελληνικά above

v      Mobilize now, save the world - By Natan Sharansky       -  Read in our new ‘Selected Items’ Archive:

v      Europe is Finished, predicts Mark Steyn  by Daniel Pipes           - Read in  ‘Selected Items’ Archive  and see in:

Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish -  on the relevant pages

v      DARFUR! by Human Rights Watch           -         on our German, Portuguese and French  pg

v      Israel, Palestinians and the Big Lie - by Jeff Ballabon                          - Read in  ‘Selected Items’ Archive

v      Exodus from Bethlehem - By Joseph Farah   -             Read in the  'CHRISTIANS-ISRAEL” section far down on this Home page:

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v      Once again: Disproportionate? - Take-A-Pen editorial                           - Read in  ‘Selected Items’ Archive

v      'EU Coalition for Israel' met incoming German EU-presidency         - Read in  ‘Selected Items’ Archive

v      Svenska -  Fredrik Reinfeldt: "Skapat en balanserad syn på USA, och Israel... On our Swedish pg

v      Reader's Letter on 'Civilian victims': 'Mindless repetition'      - Read in our new ‘Selected Items’ Archive:

v      DISPROPORTIONATE? Blatant Hypocrisy! by Frederick Forsyth       - Read in ‘Selected Items’ Archive

v      Portugues - Saudação do PM Ehud Olmert às comunidades da Diáspora  in our Portuguese pg

v      Letter about 'HumanRightsWatch' : 'A critic's first duty to get his facts right' – on the English pg

v      Norsk - Jostein Gaarders hatefulle kronikk mot Israel: Avisen har også et ansvar - Letter Av Edvard Dæhlin - on Norwegian pg

          In English: Horrible Hate Speech from Norway: God's chosen people by Jostein Gaarder  - Read in  ‘Selected Items’ Archive

v       Good News about the Finnish Media - Varpu Haavisto,                        - Read in ‘Selected Items’ Archive

v       First Take-A-Pen letter ever from the Mars!To The Independent            - Read in ‘Selected Items’ Archive

v      Final Report on BBC 'Impartiality Review' published READ Take-A-Pen's 5 Studies, like:
(I) BBC's 'Jenin–massacre' that never was;  (IV) BBC - an Accomplice to Terror? - In the BBC frame, right below this window

v       Ideas About Denmark - NOT about caricatures                               -        Read in  ‘Selected Items’ Archive



Read here below a few of the above titles:


1)      IHT Publishes AJC Letter on Israel Editorial:

Israel's search for peace


International Herald Tribune

August 19, 2008

The editorial "The perils of an Israeli transition" (Aug. 19) fell short of the mark on several points.

First, it underestimates Israel's deep yearning for peace. The Israeli government of the day, as well as the vast majority of the population, do not need to be “pressured" to seek peace or support a two-state solution. Having lived without full peace for 60 years, they, perhaps more than any society on earth, desire the security and tranquility that only peace can assure.

Second, the editorial glosses over the anxiety in Israel today about the profound dangers facing the Jewish state. Surrounded by Hamas-controlled Gaza, Hezbollah-dominated southern Lebanon, a weak Palestinian Authority, and the unpredictability of Syria, not to mention the looming Iranian nuclear threat, Israel has no easy answers for translating that yearning for peace into an enduring reality.

And third, comments like "A way must be found to help turn Hamas into a legitimate and acceptable negotiating partner" and "Arab countries also need to face up to their responsibilities" may sound nice in an editorial, but absent concrete steps on the ground they only serve to underscore the essence of the problem.


David A. Harris, New York

Executive Director

American Jewish Committee


2)     Letter to the Editor: Appeasement of Evil

The Times

The Editor,                                     May 29 2008

Sir, Jimmy Carter is not as “adored abroad” as Bronwen Maddox supposes (Times). His unsubstantiated tally of Israel’s defensive nuclear capacity (in a sea of external threats to its existence) is no more likely to be accurate than his description of that country as an “apartheid state.” This dangerous nonsense defiles - not defines - the region’s only nation where all colours and faiths enjoy freedom and legal equality - even women. Its Arab citizens have Parliamentary parties; become Cabinet minister, diplomat, Supreme Court judge and university professor. And Mr Carter could find no segregated bus or park seats (as once shamed America) but many mixed Jewish, Muslim and Christian charitable enterprises.

Notwithstanding UN, EU, UK and US proscription, too, Ms Maddox egregiously backs Carter’s hobnobbing with Hamas, a violent movement that murders opposing fellow-Palestinians as well as Israeli citizens (Jew and Arab) indiscriminately.  Why?  Because it was elected, she points out.  So was the equally intimidating Mugabe. So was Hitler. With similar moral equivalence she supports Carter’s desired approach to Iran, a state with offensive nuclear ambitions to create a new Holocaust (while denying the old one).

With a myriad others I flew with the wartime RAF to keep tyranny at bay. My less fortunate comrades must turn in their graves when they see how persuasively appeasement of evil can be sold to our people today.

Yours faithfully

Walter Leaf



3)     The International Herald Tribune doesn’t support free speech -
     – in case that speech reveals IHT distortions


Reader’s Letter to International Herald Tribune:                                   

To the Letter Editor                                          17 December 2007


“150 Civilian Rocket Victims in Germany

Thanks God this title is not true. But it will help us to understand the situation in Gaza, after the article “End Gaza sanctions” (Dec. 14) misleads readers both by untruths and crucial omissions.

First, the term “Israeli blockade”, even stressed as subtitle, is simply not true. The article itself says later that Israel provides Gaza with food and health products. Gazans who need medical care, or merchants not suspicious as terror collaborators, can enter Israel. This is not ‘blockade’.

Secondly, you condemn sanctions, but tell only in line 40 that Gaza’s ruling Hamas is a terror organization, according to US, EU, Israel and all democracies. Hamas earned this qualification by deliberately murdering hundreds of civilians and injuring thousands, including hundreds of minors. Hamas is an extremist affiliate of Iran, vows to eliminate Israelis, and a main contributor to international terrorism.  Should Israel give them free pass?

You don’t tell at all the acute reason of sanctions. Palestinian armed groups, supported by Hamas, launch rockets at Israeli civilian targets daily –above 2000 rockets since Israel withdrew its soldiers from Gaza two years ago.


Let’s do a ‘Gedenkenexperiment’ – an experiment in thinking: In case - fortunately only theoretical case – had Hamas in Western-Europe launched 25,000 primitive rockets into Germany, killing 150 civilians and maiming thousands (increased numbers relative to Israel, proportionally to populations), would Germany exercise economic sanctions only?  And if so, would IHT demand to stop even these sanctions?



Endre MOZES, Chairman

Take-A-Pen - a multilingual grass-roots media-watch network
Haifa, Israel



4)     Ulster's lesson for the Middle East: don't indulge extremists

Northern Ireland is too often invoked as a model for resolving conflicts, but it does show conditions must come before talks

David Trimble
Thursday October 25, 2007
The Guardian

Advocating the Northern Irish "model" has become a popular pastime. In conflicts as different as those in Spain, Sri Lanka and the Middle East, the key players are now urged to consider the undoubted success in Northern Ireland and follow our example. This is hardly surprising, but I am concerned about how that example is described.

A few months ago Peter Hain, the former Northern Ireland secretary of state, described it as "the development of dialogue at every level", a dialogue "delivering the most obdurate constituencies", focusing on "key leaders". It also warned that "preconditions can strangle the process at birth". Many others have followed and urged unconditional dialogue with the most intransigent - "dancing with wolves", it has been called.

These accounts disturb me. They are not accurate. Worse, they are potentially dangerous. Such initiatives in the wrong circumstances can backfire. That happened in Northern Ireland. In 1972 a high-ranking IRA delegation, including both Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, was flown (in secret) to London for talks with the Northern Ireland secretary.

The talks failed. The bar had been set too low - they were invited to engage in dialogue only a few days into a flimsy and temporary ceasefire. The IRA saw it as a sign of British weakness, stepped up their campaign, and for some years thereafter believed that one "last push" would do the trick. Loyalists saw it as a waning British commitment to maintaining Northern Ireland's position within the UK and increased their violence. Actions intended to bring peace merely deepened constitutional uncertainty and generated new levels of violence.

Thankfully, the government learned the lessons. We now know that indirect contacts with republicans appear to have been under way from 1986-87. Crucially it was soon made clear that there were conditions before there could be an official engagement. The key conditions were later formalised in the Downing Street declaration of 1993 as an end to violence and a commitment to exclusively peaceful and democratic means. Equally important was the government's commitment to the consent principle and its refusal to act as a persuader for a united Ireland, which prefigured the outcome of the formal interparty talks, the three-stranded structure of which were defined in March 1991, and the key procedural decisions taken by the parties in 1992 in the absence of Sinn Féin. When it called the cessation of its campaign in 1994, republicans were, in effect, accepting these parameters for talks.

Nowhere is the Northern Ireland analogy applied more vigorously than in the case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Above all, there has been much said about the need to "engage" with those who we regard as terrorists. If negotiations with the IRA led to the peace agreement in Northern Ireland, we are often told, Israel must be prepared to take the same approach with Hamas.

And as we get closer to a Middle East peace conference in Annapolis - itself clouded with uncertainly but still the most significant meeting for more than seven years - those voices urging negotiation at almost any price are getting louder and louder. Commentators point animatedly to the elephant in the room - Hamas - who will almost certainly not be attending the talks. Nothing can be achieved, they argue, if the most extremist elements are not at the negotiating table.

We must hope for agreement from all the parties at Annapolis. But agreement will mean an accommodation, not a victory of one side over another. Still less will it mean the annihilation of the "other". Where does Hamas stand on these matters? Will it accept a two-state solution? Will it end violence? These are reasonable questions to ask. Hamas's failure to satisfactorily reply shows that it would be wrong to try to include it. The preconditions for engagement were clear for the IRA in the early 1990s, and they are clear for Hamas today - renounce violence, recognise Israel, and accept previous peace agreements. Hamas must be encouraged to take the same sort of steps the IRA took towards the negotiating table. But this will be undermined if it feels it does it it on its terms and continues to reject a compromise solution. We must make sure that events like the Annapolis conference are successful and provide Hamas with further impetus to engage in a process, with all Palestinians and Israelis, of negotiation and compromise.

If there is one lesson to learn from the Northern Ireland experience, it is that preconditions are crucial in ending violence and producing a settlement. Being overgenerous to extremist groups is like giving sweets to a spoilt child in the hope that it will improve its behaviour - it usually results in worse actions. Our experience suggests that while some flexibility is desirable, there have to be clear principles and boundaries. A failure to recognise this risks drawing the wrong conclusions from the recent history of Northern Ireland and fundamentally misunderstanding the peace process.

· David Trimble is a Conservative working peer; he was formerly leader of the Ulster Unionist party, first minister of Northern Ireland, and a Nobel peace laureate



5)     Want electricity? Stop the rockets

By Benny Morris*
Los Angeles Times, September 22, 2007 – a  alert


'It's about time" was the reaction of most Israelis to the government's decision on Wednesday to impose further economic sanctions on the Gaza Strip and to define it as "hostile territory." The government spoke specifically of cutting off electricity to Gaza's inhabitants if more Kassam rockets were launched from the Hamas-controlled territory, and of a possible fuel cutoff down the road.

A variety of terrorist groups -- Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Fatah-associated Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade -- have been firing the primitive, home-made Kassams at Israel's border settlements since the end of 2001, and the first ones landed in the border town of Sderot in March 2002. The rockets have so far inflicted relatively few casualties and little damage -- more than 1,000 have been fired, killing about a dozen Israelis and seriously injuring several dozen -- but they have caused widespread unease or panic in Sderot. Dozens of families have moved out of the area in recent months after the Israel Defense Forces, deploying a variety of means including cross-border armored incursions, ambushes and helicopter missile attacks on the rocket teams, proved unable to stop the rocketeers. The IDF measures sometimes resulted in collateral damage and casualties, triggering condemnation by human rights groups and Western politicians and media.

How did it come to this? In the summer of 2005, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon unilaterally pulled the IDF out of Gaza and uprooted Israel's settlements in the area, leaving the territory -- but not the border crossings to it -- completely in Palestinian hands. The Israeli leadership hoped that this would result in the cessation of terrorism from the area. But the opposite occurred: The number and variety of rockets hitting Israel increased.

Since June, when Hamas took control of Gaza, it has allowed Islamic Jihad and other terror groups to continue rocketing Israel, and it supplies these groups with Kassams when they run short, according to Israeli intelligence. Hamas engineers are said, also by Israeli intelligence, to be hard at work on producing Kassams with more powerful warheads and longer ranges. Indeed, a handful of improved Kassams even reached the southern outskirts of the city of Ashkelon, north of Gaza. Last week, a rocket hit a tent camp of IDF trainees, injuring 50 soldiers, three of them severely.

Wednesday's decision by the government, bowing to public opinion, is the response to the continued rocketing. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his Cabinet clearly hope that a staggered cutoff of electricity -- Israel supplies the strip with 120 megawatts of its 200-megawatt consumption (the remaining 80 megawatts come from Egypt and an Arab-owned plant inside Gaza) -- will lead to popular local pressure on Hamas to stop the rocketing, which most Israelis regard as insufferable on both a symbolic and practical level. The government clearly hopes that this measure will receive Washington's blessing -- and less diplomatic fallout than military reprisals.

The Israeli cutoff of electricity will leave Gaza with sufficient energy to run all its hospitals, government offices and other vital services but will no doubt result in many of the 1.5 million inhabitants suffering periodic blackouts. If a fuel cutoff is eventually added to this -- Israeli government lawyers are looking into the matter in terms of international humanitarian law -- the result could be far more severe. But this is what Israel is threatening -- if Palestinian terrorists continue to rocket Israel's border.

Benny Morris, a professor of Middle Eastern history at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, is the author of "The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited," among other books.                                                   

3.b) Reader’s Letter to Los Angeles Times


To the Letter Editor                                                                                                                          

Sub.: 500 rocket victims in the US?                                   27 September 2007                                 


Sir, - Re: "Want electricity? Stop the rockets” (Benny Morris, Sep. 22): It is commendable that you inform that Israel’s intention to define Gaza Strip as "hostile territory" and the electricity limitation threat are not intended to hurt Gaza inhabitants but to stop Hamas inspired daily Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.


But the article’s tone about the Israeli victims  - “relatively few casualties...  more than 1,000 (rockets) have been fired, killing about a dozen Israelis and seriously injuring several dozen” - is unforgivably indifferent. Since when are human casualties counted by the dozens?  And “relatively few”?! Relatively to the populations of the two countries it would mean 500 rocket victims killed and a few thousands injured in the US by a neighboring Gaza.


Then you describe Israeli military means which “proved unable to stop the rocketeers” and the “condemnation(s) by human rights groups and Western politicians and media”. No justification is quoted.  What counter-action by the US would you justify against a, fortunately imaginary, neighbor which killed 500 Americans?


Chairman, Take-A-Pen
Haifa, Isreal

 (Home address; Mobile phone; Phone)



 4)  Palestinian Hate Industry Exports to Russia                July 26, 2007

Hamas disseminates anti-Semitic cartoons to Russian speaking audiences


By: Endre Mozes, Take-A-Pen Chairman & CEO,  

Dr Edward Markov, Take-A-Pen’s Russian editor*               



We all know that through open co-operation we learn more and faster. Here is one more example:

Take-A-Pen received an interesting alert call from the , which promotes truthful pro-Israel messages on the Internet, about an article of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
at the IICC, on the  website.


We learn from this IICC article about novel methods of the Palestinian hate industry: the ruling Hamas uses the Internet to disseminate anti-Semitic hate speech, like Nazi Stuermer-like cartoons, to Russian speaking target audiences in Russia and in ex-Soviet Central Asian republics.

The prominent theme of the cartoons is that Israel and the Jews are bloodthirsty monsters engaged in a holocaust of the Palestinian people. 

See one cartoon only and try not to get sick.


On the Russian pages of the IICC website  one can find further interesting items.  Like HAMAS audiocassettes, where  Amin al Zuahari, a Bin Laden deputy preaches Jihad, with Russian translation.


This Palestinian and Hamas propaganda activity and hate speech harm not only Israel but also Russia and those partly Russian-speaking Central Asian countries. Because the anti-Semitic propaganda is most probably the pilot project of further destructive Islamist propaganda warfare in those countries.

Against this new threats of Hamas’ hate industry we have to do something. One option, maybe the best what we can do is that we write and send readers’ or citizens’ letters to our and to Russian leaders and media; disclosing and condemning this Hamas activity


Thanks again to the Giyus organization and the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center for the information.

Let’s use it well and act on it.


·          published first on Take-A-Pen’s website and on its Russian pages


5) “VIVA ISRAELE!” - Long Live Israel!

      By Endre Mozes*

      14 July 2007


In his new book in Italy "Viva Israele" ("Long Live Israel"), Magdi Allam, Egyptian-born Italian journalist and author, editor of the popular Italian daily Corriere della Sera, expresses strong support to Israel’s values and not less strong criticism towards certain teachings of fundamentalist Islam. Allam relates denial and even questioning of Israel's right to exist, by anyone, to the death cult disseminated by fundamentalist Islam.


Magdi Allam speaks of "the ethical erosion that has led to the denial of the supreme value of the sanctity of life". He sees Israel as "an ethical parameter” the relation to which “separates between lovers of civilization and those who preach the ideology of death".  Allam praises Israel for holding high, even amidst much hatred and death cult around her, the value of sanctity of life. This sanctity of life, he writes, "should apply to everyone, or to no one."




There is already a vivid public dispute about Allam’s ‘Viva Israele, like on public talkback pages.  Many readers praise Allan Magdi as a very brave man with an important message for the whole world.

Others, however, question what is the difference between the outspoken critics on both sides; Magdi Allam vs. Ilan Pappe or Avrum Burg. ‘There are Quislings in all the nations’, suggests an angry reader.


We accept that the question who are the brave whistleblowers serving progress, and who are collaborators with dark forces, or putting it rudely, who are the Quislings; is to be judged by the same objective rule for all sides. After my Talkback letter I am suggesting here this simple rule:

“In case somebody speaks up against the hate-culture of a brutal oppressive regime, risking his own life - he is a brave man or woman. If, on the contrary,

somebody collaborates with an oppressive regime and hate-culture on the opposite side, against his own innocent people, gaining financial or other benefits, possibly also misusing freedom of talk in his own community - he may rightly be called sort of a Quisling. 

Let’s apply the rule
consistently to a few examples. Salman Rushdie and Magdi Allam speak up against fundamentalist Islam’s hate culture and have to live under death threats because of this, in hiding or constantly accompanied by body-guards. On the other hand Ilan Pappe continues to get his undeserved salary from the university of Haifa in the full democracy - sometimes naively exaggerated - democracy of Israel, while selling well his phantasm’s ’ethnic cleansing’ blood-libels against Israel to clients interested to cover up the real ethnic cleansing cases, like that of Darfur. The test results clearly show Salman Rushdie and Magdi Allam are brave man, quester heros of the truth. By the same measure Pappe or Avrum Burg - similarly to certain British BBC journalists who besmirched their own government in the beginning of the Iraq war by using fabricated ‘evidence’ - are collaborators with backwards forces; whether out of hatred, lack of genuine talent, greed, insatiable ambition, frustration, or in the best case a grain of naïveté also combined. Anyway, Pappe and Avrum Burg can rightly be called Quislings.




Recently Europe has started to find its way out of an era of appeasing Islamism and of hatred towards Israel which were so widespread in some elitist circles, towards genuine understanding. Any realistic search for lasting peace must be based on such genuine understanding. Magdi Allam contributes a great deal to this progress.


* E. Mozes is chairman of Take-A-Pen, multilingual grass-roots media-watch organization

Recommended readings;

(1) a (in Italian)

(2) Saviona Man: Muslim, Italian and Zionist  - Haaretz, 2 July 2007 (in English)


Take-A-Pen’s talkback letter:


By Saviona Man: Muslim, Italian and Zionist (Haaretz. July 2)



Brave man or Quisling? To Synical too







Brave man or Quisling, you are asking.  Is Magdi Allam or Ilan Pappe a brave man or a Quisling?

For fairness’ sake we have to use the same criteria on both sides to decide.  The suggested test is this: If somebody risks his life by speaking up against the hate-culture of an oppressive regime – he/she is a brave man or woman. If somebody collaborates with an authoritarian hate-culture on the opposite side against his own innocent people (possibly also misusing freedom of talk in his own community) he is a Quisling. 


So, test says Salman Rushdie and Magdi Allam are brave men, and Ilan Pappe can be rightly called a Quisling.



6) ‘UNDERSTANDING For Suicide Killers; Less For Their Victims’


MASTERPIECE of a Reader’s Letter! Published in the MAIL on June 29 (slightly edited)


To: The Editor, DAILY MAIL - June 22, 2007 –

Andrew Alexander (June 22) shows understanding for suicide bombers who kill Israeli families in school buses, cafes and shopping areas, but little for their victims.

My own understanding comes from studying evidence that Palestinians are taught hatred from nursery school onwards, with atlases that obliterate Israel and textbooks that demonise Jews. Suicide-bombers are lionised in repulsive Children’s TV programmes and emulated at gruesome “summer camps.” That despicable indoctrination, plus incendiary sermons in the mosques, explains why Israelis are brutally murdered.

Talk of justification is perverse. Three-quarters of the original Promised Land destined for “close Jewish settlement” by international agreement became Jew-free, Arab (Trans)Jordan! Yet, repeatedly - in 1937 (Peel Commission), 1947 (UN Partition Plan), 1967 (Khartoum Denial) and after - a Palestinian state sharing the tiny rump was rejected. That includes Israel‘s offer in 2000 of all Gaza, 97% of disputed Judea/Samaria (the West Bank) and a capital in Jerusalem, centre of the Jewish faith. The “intransigence” is therefore not Israel’s.

What I do not understand is why Mr Alexander should deny the perennially persecuted Jews of all peoples self-determination. Why may they not live in peace in their own UN-voted homeland - where Christians, Muslims and Jews have equal civil and religious rights, unknown elsewhere in the region - after 3,800 years of Jewish presence (despite Islamic invasions, expulsions and riots), when the 21 Arab League states surrounding Israel already occupy 800 times as much land?

(Yours sincerely)