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Åpent brev til Norge er finansminister Ms Kristin Halvorsen


Tel: +47 22 24 41 00


Subject: Thanks for Norway's divestment of Israel


Honorable Ministerin, Ms. Kristin Halvorsen-quislingsen:            2009-09-06


I thought it would be the honor you well deserved if I express somehow how your deeds remind me of the most widely known Norwegian politician of all times. Limitless ambition, talent and eagerness to embrace Israel's deadly enemies are your common denominators. You are now also widely known of that.


May I express my deep gratitude to you for the divestment of Norwegian government-controlled funds from the Israeli company Elbit, which, you thought, is manufacturing parts of the Israeli security "wall".  This is a technical mistake, and I'll explain that to you later. But more important now is my thanks; sincere thanks without "quotation marks" or ‘reverse commas'.


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