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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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PALLYWOOD - Palestinian Media fraud Industry

Once again with feeling! Reuters removing weapons, blood from images of Gaza flotilla

News agency rejects charges of biased coverage, says it reverted to use of ''original set'' of images once cropping discovered.

Return of the Living Dead

Published April 7 , 2010 - Honest Reporting -
Credibility of Palestinian medical sources questioned as teen allegedly shot dead by the IDF returns to his family alive only days later.

Staged desperation

You''ve probably seen dozens of pictures of Palestinian women crying. The wire services love ''em, decent people sympathize with them.
We all were misled once or more...

PALLYWOOD - Watch the Palestinians create fake "news items"

Watch the Palestinians create "news items" of faked wounded and killed.

LIARS in ACTION in Gaza - (and ..ckers will buy the lies as usual)

Look at these telling photos: http://rotter.net/forum/scoops1/16576.shtml#25
Poor Palestinians have to be with candles everywhere; in the streets, in conference rooms, even babies in incubators! Or, can it be a staged lie!?

Mohamed Al-Durra: a "staged fake" - found Paris Court

The most devastating accusation against Israel ever was the video about the dying Palestinian kid Mohammed Al-Durra and France-2''s voiceover saying the IDF killed the boy deliberately. It took more than 7 years until the Paris Court of Appeals concluded that the video was heavily manipulated, can be called a "forgery", "totally staged". But global media did not spread this revelation...

Palestinian Word Games

We read that "Prime Minister" Mahmoud Abbas is running in the elections on Sunday to succeed Yasser Arafat as "president" of "Palestine." ..

PA Historians falsify history:

Like all totalitarian regimes, the Palestinians try to rewrite history.



Saeb Erekat, the notorious "Liar,liar" is here again:

This is a Call For a Letter-writing Action against liars, and their protectors. Where ever you see, read or hear them or quoting them, disclose and discredit the Liars. Read below a great article : ''Liar, liar'', and a reader''s letter dedicated to the Middle East''s most professional liar: Saeb Erekat ..

"Alarm for journalists!"

Decent people hate to speak about lies, but Philadelphia Inquirer staffer Michael Matza seems to have reached just such a point that in his Oct. 6 story titled "In desperation, Palestinians spin tales to rally support," Matza took on a disturbing angle on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians that is rarely reported in the mainstream press: The Palestinians Lie.

Red Cross Ambulance used for transport of Palestinian terrorists

Watch the Routers movie proving UN ambulances serve Palestinian terror..

The "anti Anti-Terror Barrier protest" theater


PATV: Israel conspired to burn Al-Aqsa Mosque, Golda Meir "laughed"

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