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Indoctrinating children to embrace violence

To the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF

Subject: Indoctrinating children to embrace violence

Two and a half years of escalating terror attacks in the second Palestinian Intifada have caused irreparable damage to the quality of life in the Middle East in general, and to the living conditions of Palestinian and Israeli children in particular. Because of your organization is known for its reputation for fairness and justice, I am compelled to ask you: How much longer must these children be subjected to this needless abuse?

As a concerned Canadian citizen, I have watched in horror as the BBC broadcast its news reports of Islamic Jihad-sponsored "summer camps" where young Arab children receive paramilitary training. I have read about the extremist indoctrination programs that begin when these children are still toddlers: throw a pipe bomb and receive a dollar (the currency may vary, but the theme doesn't); glorify violence and kill willingly; celebrate those who became suicide bombers; become a suicide bomber, ensure your own immortality and bring honor to your family.

How can the Arab children of this generation possibly build a better world for themselves? What is in store for future generations of Arab children? How will the Israeli children be able to trust their neighbors enough to work towards a mutually beneficial solution? Most importantly: how can we, as civilized people, support a society that encourages children to die?

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1959) defines the rights of children worldwide. Please take a stand against those guilty of indoctrinating children to embrace violence and hate their neighbors. The Palestinian leadership must be brought to account for exploiting children for political gain. The future of these children is in our hands.

Yours truly,

(Name and Address)

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