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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Goldstone suppressed evidence in Take-A-Pen's Submissions


1 January, 1900

Take-A-Pen's Main Submission was our MEMORANDUM of June 29, 2009, submitted to the UN Gaza Fact-finding Mission into the conflict in Gaza, headed by Chief Justice Richard Goldstone (photo on left), titled:

Eleven major war crimes Hamas has committed 


Take-A-Pen submitted on July 23 a SUPPLEMENTARY Memorandum, which elaborates on one of the worst Hamas war crimes: Hamas' systematic use of the Gaza civilian population and of protected civilian objects (like schools, medical and community buildings) - as Human Shields. We are presenting also New Evidence; aerial photos proving beyond doubt Hamas' criminal practice. 


Read these Take-A-Pen's submissions; and WRITE your own LETTER to the UN Mission and/or to Judge Goldstone. You can express your expectation - or demand - that the present UN Gaza Fact-finding Mission be objective towards Israel and not continue the UN Human Rights Council's practice of one-sided Isreal-bashing. That they will dare to deny the many unsubstantiated accusations of Israel; that they will dare to publicly denounce the widespread Hamas war crimes.


- Judge Richard Goldstone: rjgoldstone@iafrica.com

- UN Gaza Fact Finding Mission: Factfindinggaza@ohchr.org

- UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-Moon:  sg@un.org                                               

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