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Japanese must tap their 'inner Israeli'


3 January, 2012

Россия чтит памятником 11 сентября США / Russia Honors USA 9/11

11 August, 2010

מכתב למערכת ידיעות אחרונות - שרל אנדרלין


5 April, 2010

Antisemitisme op Nederlandse internet/Anti-Israel & anti-Semitic activity

7 September, 2009

The Land of Mordor - or a land that promotes good and stands against evil?

30 August, 2009

TULIP - to the Israeli-Palestinian Peace process

10 August, 2009

La Knesset guarda all'Europa / "Attacking Israel, Europe commits suicide" - Fiamma

1 August, 2009

Toubibs or not toubibs?

12 July, 2009

Amnesty Internationalin raportti Gazan sodasta

11 July, 2009

LETTER to the NYT: Fictions of Tony Judt - Re: Fictions on the ground

22 June, 2009

LETTER to the Daily Mail: Jewish Settlements

26 May, 2009

LESERBRIEF - Welches Ziel verfolgt die Hamas?

23 May, 2009


8 May, 2009

Des chrétiens européens se souviennent d'Evian 1938

30 April, 2009

IT - Il coraggio dell'Europa dura 12 ore

22 April, 2009

Durban 2 - Svenskt nej till FN konferens

19 April, 2009

PEACE? -The NEW Israeli government’s foreign policy concepts

2 April, 2009

Low Editorial Standard at The Independent

23 March, 2009

"Zionist control" of British media - LETTER published in The Independent

19 February, 2009

UN's obsession is grotesque and Orwellian

5 December, 2008

Underestimating Ahmadinejad's Threats

8 October, 2008

Letter to: TIME Editor
Underestimating Ahmadinejad's threats

Iran: A Threat Bigger Than Wall St.

27 September, 2008

Израильские поиски мира - «ИГТ» публикует: письмо «АЕК»

19 August, 2008


19 August, 2008

by David Harris, AJC
International Herald Tribune, August 19, 2008

The editorial "The perils of an Israeli transition" (Aug. 19) fell short of the mark on several points.
First, it underestimates Israel''s deep yearning for peace. The Israeli government of the day, as well as the vast majority of the population, do not need to be “pressured" to seek peace or support a two-state solution. Having lived without full peace for 60 years, they...

NORSK - ”Hvis de gjentar det vil vi drepe dem, i Allahs navn” (If they do it again, we shall kill them, in Allah's name)

30 July, 2008

PMW Director criticizes Norwegian support of Palestinian education system - to murderous hatred - LINK

LETTER to the Editor : Apology for al-Dura broadcast

30 July, 2008


24 July, 2008

ITALIANO: Chiama per scrivere lettere! Scambio di priggioneri con Hizbollah

16 July, 2008

Appeasement of Evil

Walter Leaf

29 May, 2008

Jimmy Carter is not as “adored abroad” as Bronwen Maddox supposes (Times). His unsubstantiated tally of Israel’s defensive nuclear capacity (in a sea of external threats to its existence) is no more likely to be accurate than his description of that country as an “apartheid state" - which is really a complete non-sense.

First time in the History of the British Parliament!

20 May, 2008

The 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands are mentioned in the British Parliament, by MP Andrew Dismore, the first time in its history!

Revival of global pro-Israel spirit ?!

11 April, 2008

Revival of global pro-Israel spirit?! Yes, I am not drunk. I remember when for decades the whole progressive world hilariously celebrated pioneer Israel; supported its Exodus, respected Israel’s courage in front of threats and aggressions - in wars and in ‘Entebbes’, came to kibbutz, learned here to make deserts flourish, voted for Israel in Eurovisions and beauty contests, sang “Hava-na-gila” and more...

LETTER to the Secretary-General of United Nations

8 February, 2008

Sehr geehrte Kanzlerin Angela Merkel!

6 February, 2008

I follow your activity with great respect . I hope you'll do something about the following event too.
A 74 year old woman was killed, a person died of his wounds later, and there were many wounded by an Arab suicidal terror attack in Dimona, Israel, yesterday, 2008.2.4. The Palestinian reaction in Gaza was..

Israel's right to defend herself against terror and build a security barrier

6 February, 2008

The International Herald Tribune doesn’t support free speech

17 December, 2007

“150 Civilian Rocket Victims in Germany”
Thanks God this title is not true. But it will help us to understand the situation in Gaza, after the article “End Gaza sanctions” (Dec. 14) misleads readers both by untruths and crucial omissions.

Ulster's lesson for the Middle East: don't indulge extremists

25 October, 2007

Northern Ireland is too often invoked as a model for resolving conflicts, but it does show conditions must come before talks
Author: David Trimble

Reader’s LETTER to the Los Angeles Times

27 September, 2007

2503 kids not going to school in Sderot and Gaza

7 September, 2007

WATCH OUT for 'Human Rights Watch' and 'Amnesty' !

3 September, 2007

Let fair reporting and truth have a front seat

23 July, 2007

‘UNDERSTANDING For Suicide Killers; Less For Their Victims’

22 June, 2007

Israel wants to meet Arabs in sport - LETTER

22 March, 2007

BBC – an Accomplice to Terror?!

25 April, 2005

TakeAPen's LETTER in the Wall Street Journal

1 January, 1900

Take-A-Pen's chairman, Endre Mozes, on TV (in Hebrew)


1 January, 1900

Goldstone suppressed evidence in Take-A-Pen's Submissions


1 January, 1900

SE - Sjöblockaden av Gaza


1 January, 1900

יו"ר Take A Pen, אנדרה מוזס, מתראיין בטלוויזיה על הסברה ישראלית


1 January, 1900

10 New Israeli developments

1 January, 1900

Christians March for Israel

1 January, 1900

A Moral Atrocity

1 January, 1900

L’Europa vuol dividere Gerusalemme in due per regalarla agli arabi

1 January, 1900

Arabic/EN: خطاب مفتوح إلى العالم العربي / Open Letter to the Arab world

1 January, 1900

Merry Christmas! Israeli President's Christmas Blessing

1 January, 1900

Is Israel the Villain - or an admired Exemplar of the World?

1 January, 1900

L’amore di Israele per Silvio? Lui sfida il politically correct/ Netanyahu - Berlusconi in Jerusalem: First bilateral summit

1 January, 1900

10,000 British passports issued fraudulently, including to al-Qaida terrorists

1 January, 1900

Vem äger sanningen med stort ”S”?

1 January, 1900

POP QUIZ!! The Ancient Country of Palestine

1 January, 1900

Bloqueo Israelí en Gaza?

1 January, 1900

Antisemitismus in Schweden, insbesondere in Malmö / Antisemitism in Sweden, especially in Malmö

1 January, 1900

FI - Kirje Ilkka-lehteen: Holocaustin haamut


1 January, 1900

Open Letter of AJC President Ronald Lauder to President Obama


1 January, 1900

The Spectator: 'Peace convoy'? This was an Islamist terror ambush


1 January, 1900

Anti-Semitism Is Salonfähig Again


1 January, 1900

Israel Leads Technological, Medical & Business Innovation – WHY?


1 January, 1900

Israel, el 'Silicon Valley' de la desalación (desalination)


1 January, 1900

ISRAEL!!! - against all odds - 2 min.


1 January, 1900

Israel: Co-existence? or Apartheid?


1 January, 1900

HE - שאלות נפוצות | FAQ about Take A Pen


1 January, 1900

RU - Хотят ли израильтяне мира или нет?


1 January, 1900

SP - Las conversaciones de paz con el negociador palestino Saeb Erekat


1 January, 1900

Why the Call to "Boycott Israel" Is Crap - by Bernard-Henri Lévy


1 January, 1900

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