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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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In Focus

Petition: Hamas Leaders Must Be Tried for War Crimes!


25 August, 2014

‘Sex Offender Network in the Swedish Elite’ -Truth, mistake or lie?


13 August, 2014

An everyday dilemma - and lessons of earlier and recent cases: Should the criteria of truth, evidence, story, mistake and lie be the same for all? For example for Sweden and for Israel? Does Sweden respect these criteria?

PEACE TALKS: "Israel's Conflict as Game Theory"


1 June, 2014

Obstacle to Peace: Palestinian Leadership’s Hatred of Jews


2 May, 2014

Do Israelis care for Peace or don't they?


28 March, 2014

One more TRIUMPH for the truth about the AL-DURA Libel


23 June, 2010

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