Take a Pen! in co-operation with international student organizations, starts a new initiative:  the STUDENTS For TRUTH on Israel project, a letter writing cooperation of students all over the world, interested in the truth on the Middle East conflict.


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Maurice Ostroff    April 27, 2005

NY City Councilman leads the call : "Divest...From Columbia University!"
By Council Member James F. Gennaro    April 13, 2005
Letter on Disturbing article in DePaulia - DePaul University's magazine
Joy Wolfe, Manchester   April 02, 2005
The monstrous regiment of British university teachers
Melanie Phillip's Diary   April 06, 2005
Israeli TV Tackles War for Hearts and Minds
Student Ambassadors of Israel Nov 29, 2004
  Israel, Campus Unreality and Democratic Reality

Postmodern and post-Arafat  Nov 14, 2004

  Our Letter-writing Call, on Duke University hosting a conference of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement