Take-A-Pen’s recent Letter-Writing Call ! 18 July 2008              

Let’s write our letters about the so-called “prisoner exchange” between Israel and the Hizbullah;

Actually, Israel released convicted murderer Samir Kuntar and many more for returning the remains of its two abducted servicemen, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

Ehud Goldwasser Z”l

Eldad Regev Z”l

Samir Kuntar

There are many wide-spread misconceptions about this “deal”, so where-ever you read about this case, Write Your Own Letter to the Editor of your paper or to a VIP, to spread the truth. If you like, use any of the points made in the opinion piece below: “Woe to the nation whose hero is Samir Kuntar!”                  

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Woe to the nation whose hero is Samir Kuntar.

By Endre MOZES – Take-A-Pen.org

16 July 2008

Prisoner exchange? No:

Israel exchanged 5 Lebanese, among them a convicted mass-murderer, plus 190 bodies –

for the remains of its two abducted servicemen


The state and the citizens of Israel have always been devoted to the protection of their missing soldiers. Today, on 16 July 2008 Israel exchanged 5 Lebanese, among them a despicable convicted mass-murderer, Samir Kuntar, plus 190 bodies - for the remains of its two servicemen abducted by Hizbullah in 2006.

 Israeli soldiers always know that while they risk their lives to defend their citizens, their country will also do its utmost to retrieve them should they fall into the hands of the enemy. This is the tradition of Israel's deep reverence for human life and for its fallen. Both old Jewish ethics and new Israeli sense of morality support this principle, even if the price is almost unbearable. 


However, the present ‘deal’ seems to be particularly irrational and painful. Though it was not absolutely certain, intelligence said clearly that the abducted soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were dead. To release convicted murderers for dead bodies is not only too generous but also very dangerous in more than one sense.  In the Ahmad Jibril precedence in the eighties Israel exchanged 6000 Arab fighters captured in Lebanon and released 70 convicted terrorists with blood of Israeli civilians on their hands – for freeing 5 Israeli soldier POW-s.  Within 18 months Israel counted its 31 new civilian victims at the hands of those who were among the 70 released terrorists. Furthermore, such great successes for kidnappers of Israeli soldiers in non-combatant times are the strongest motivators for them to do it again next time. No wonder that Israel’s two intelligence bodies, the Mossad and the Shabbak, strongly opposed the present deal.

At the end the emotional and humanitarian urge to ease the sufferings of the families of the soldiers won again in Israel against rational thinking.  This is irrational, but at the same time is somehow also elevating.


There isn’t any other symmetry in this exchange either between receiving bodies of soldiers who guarded a border to protect civilians, and handing over live terrorists who penetrated Israel to kill innocent civilians. Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were serving as ordinary IDF reserve soldiers, patrolling a border fence on Israeli sovereign territory, when they were abducted by Hizbullah on 12 July 2006 in an unprovoked cross-border attack.

On the other hand, Samir Kuntar, the foremost terrorist of the five released in the deal, is a heinous murderer, responsible for one of the most despicable terror attacks on Israel. Kuntar lead a squad of four who infiltrated Israel via the sea on 22 April 1979. At midnight they broke into the Nahariya home of the Haran family and abducted the father Danny and his three-and-half-year-old daughter Einat.  When Israeli security forces approached, Kuntar shot the father at close range while the terrified little girl looked on, then slaughtered the little girl in subhuman cruelty; by smashing her head against a rock several times with the butt of his rifle. Then he surrendered to save his own skin.

In the gunfire two Israeli policemen and three of the terror squad were killed. In the meantime the mother, Smadar, was hiding in the home's crawlspace with her two-year-old daughter Yael. Tragically, she accidently smothered her baby while stifling her cries to prevent the terrorists from discovering them. The tragedy of a whole family was complete.


This Samir Kuntar is the hero of Hezbollah, of the Palestinians and a large part of the Arab world! They have been celebrating him for years as their idol, and now have given him a hero’s welcome. Similar “heroes” were the two Palestinians who murdered at point blank the 33-year-old and pregnant Tali Hatuel and her four daughters aged 3 to 11, in her car held-up at Kfar Darom.

What people can execute little girls in mafia style? What nations can have such people as their role models? Shame on such nations.  Woe to such nations.

An organization can be judged by whom it chooses to idolize and to hold up as an example for its youth. Tellingly, Samir Kuntar, a vile child-killer is the hero of Hizbullah, the Iranian-backed extremist Islamist terror organization, which worships death and destruction in the most inhuman ways, and clings to its goal of destroying Israel.


Hizbullah’s leaders are war criminals, but unfortunately it hasn’t been said clearly and loudly enough. Hizbullah has been the largest obstacle to any peace in the region and a threat to Lebanon’s stability, not only a danger to Israel. It is continuing to smuggle arms and ammunition into Lebanon, and to rebuild its missile arsenal; it trains, equips and deploys terrorists not only throughout Lebanon, but also for international terrorism. The international community must act with determination to remove this threat.

The international community and even Israel have been at fault for mostly keeping silent about Hizbullah’s war crimes. By killing 7 Israeli soldiers and kidnapping two in an unprovoked attack, along with its simultaneous bombardment of northern Israel, Hizbullah sparked Israel’s Second Lebanon War which demanded the death of more than a thousand people and caused fear and suffering for millions on both sides.

Then, breaking all written and unwritten human laws, Hizbullah denied any access to the two kidnapped men, or any information about them, in order to maximize the suffering of their families and of a society where humanist considerations are stronger than its direct interest. This unlawful, pirate-like attitude of Hizbullah is a war crime and this should be emphasized in every mention of their name until they are recognized internationally as a terrorist organization.


Last but not least, blessed be the memory of the fallen Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.


-   o   -   o   -



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Can France 2’s famous Muhammad Al Dura film be a fake?



Famous   frame of the probably fake France TV-2 movie about the alleged killing of   the Palestinian kid Muhammad al-Durra   by Israel,       on
Sept.  30, 2000.

January 22, 2008

A/ New Evidence against the Al Dura Fraud provided by surgeon! - by Endre MOZES* - Dec 17, 2007 – See on our English page  - Click ‘English’ button above


      Read below: 

B/ Reader’s Letter about Al Durra, by Take-A-Pen, published in the Jerusalem Post : “Nothing supports France-2 saying that Israeli soldiers killed the boy” (Nov.22)

C/ Backgrounder about the Al Durra case - by Take-A-Pen*- October 25, 2007, Update: February 15, 2008  -   (Also in English, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish on Take-A-Pen’s relevant pages)



  B/ Reader’s Letter by Take-A-Pen, published in The Jerusalem Post :

     ”Not a single frame supports France 2’s view that Israeli soldiers killed the Al-Durra boy” 

To the Letter Editor                                 (as published on November 22, 2007)

More important than the personal

Sir, - Re: "Outcry raised over missing minutes in al-Dura film"(Nov.19): It is commendable that the Post is covering this case, which has suffered from insufficient media attention. But I disliked the tone of this article, which repeatedly generalized supporters of Philippe Karsenty’s views such as myself  as 'crying foul', as if this were a football match. 

Our international media-watch organization, Take-A-Pen, has followed this important and tragic case since September 2000.  I traveled to Paris to learn and do more for the truth and not to support a person, though I respect Karsenty's courage in standing up for what he believes.

The article discussed the interesting point that France 2 presented only 18 minutes of footage instead of the known 27 minutes. I saw those 18 minutes together with the jury, and there isn’t a single frame there supporting France 2’s Charles Enderlin’s original voiceover assessment that Israeli soldiers killed the boy, or were involved in his death in any way. On the other hand, I observed and upon request can present many indications that France 2's film was staged; as Philippe Karsenty says.

More important than the personal aspect is the fact that hundreds of millions have believed for years France 2's statement about terrible Israeli brutality committed against a young boy; a belief that today seems totally unfounded.


Take-A-Pen, Haifa



  C/ Al-Dura Backgrounder by Take-A-Pen*      - October 25, 2007,  Last Update: February 15, 2008


   On September 30, 2000 the world watched with horror and pain France 2 TV’s movie showing how a Palestinian boy, Muhammad al-Durrah, was killed in crossfire between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli soldiers.  In his voiceover France 2’s reporter Charles Enderlin asserted (though, as it turned out he had not been present at the event and leant on the sole witness Palestinian cameraman Talal Abu Rahma) that Israel killed the boy, implying it was deliberate.


     The footage spread fast across the world, and the images, together with the accusation against Israel, became the most powerful icons of hate; for Palestinians, for the global Jihad and for Israel- and Jew-haters around the world. For an example, Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl's killers used al-Durrah's image in the video showing Pearl's beheading.


     Since then more and more experts around the world - and recently the Israeli Defense Forces itself - concluded that the France 2’s al-Durrah movie must have been a forgery and their accusation untrue. Analyses of site layout and ballistic evidence prove IDF soldiers could not shoot the boy.


    Sensational Breakthrough on 14 November - Crucial Day in the Court

    France 2 broadcast less than 1 minute of the 27 minutes raw footage shot by Rahma. The full footage could have spilled light on the truth, but France 2 has always refused to make this crucial evidence available to experts or to the public. Instead, they accused French investigating reporter Philippe Karsenty, one of those who said the footage was a fraud, of libel. Last year France 2 almost won the case. Karsenty, despite a recommendation from the prosecutor to rule in his favor, was found guilty and was fined 1 Euro in damages.

    However, on 12 September 2007 the case took a new turn. On that first day of the present appeal trial, the judge ruled that France 2 must submit the entire footage to the court by the next hearing on November 14.  (Take A Pen and its friends, inside and out of our organization, may feel true satisfaction; our previous intensive letter-writing campaign, to TV France 2 and to French President Sarkozy**, had probably contributed to the court’s will to reveal the truth this time.

    On November 14 the next two breakthroughs followed. First of all; France 2 didn’t present the full original raw footage, but 18 minutes only; Secondly, the newly revealed 17 minutes was full of contradictions regarding the authenticity of the footage. And, most importantly, the footage didn’t show a single frame, which supported in any remote way France 2’s statement about Israelis killing the boy, or being involved in his death in any way. Everybody has now a very good reason not to believe any more to France 2’s al-Durrah story, which was literally a ‘one-man-show’, based on the sole eye-witness, the Palestinian cameraman Talal Abu Rahmeh.


    Our strong wish is now that the full truth about the Al-Dura case be found. That Philippe Karsenty’s mouth be not shut. That the horrible Al-Dura libel be dismantled. That it perpetrators be discredited forever.


    The future? In Paris, the city where Captain Dreyfuss was once unjustly sentenced and much later rehabilitated, TV France 2 may also become from the accuser the libelous party; for disseminating its probably fake Muhammad Al-Durrah movie and the unfounded accusation it made, and for obstructing the finding of truth, by concealing the full raw footage for so long and partly even today.


    Take-A-Pen’s chairman was in the Paris courtroom on November 14, to immediately inform You, in a joint project with the prestigious HonestReporting organization, about the outcome of the hearing –  SEE OUR REPORT AND YOUTUBE MOVIE, ON TOP OF THIS HOME PAGE!(Nov. 15, 2007)

    We’ll be in the Paris courtroom again on 27 February 2008, to follow the hearing and, it is reached, to hear the VERDICT, hopefully a positive one. 


   *Endre MOZES, Take-A-Pen’s chairman wrote this backgrounder/editorial, see at http://www.take-a-pen.org/CallForAction/CFA.html

    ** See at http://www.take-a-pen.org/CallForAction/CFA.html

    *** The name Al Dura is written in many forms, incl. al Dura, al-Dura, Al Durra, Al Durrah and more.



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  Based on all these you can write your own letter! to your own paper or TV station, asking coverage and proper commentary about the case; or to the court or to President Sarkozy, demanding justice:.  France 2 and not Karsenty is the libelous party.



(1)  Take-A-Pen Chairman’s Letter to President Nicolas Sarkozy:


To: Le Président de la Republique, Nicolas Sarkozy

      Via Facsimile: 00 33 1 47 42 24 65

Dear President Sarkozy:    September 3, 2007


Subject: Trial of Philippe Karsenty about the Mohammed al-Durrah fake - and

               the role of France’s President

Your election to France’s president has changed the world’s spiritual map.  France, one of the world’s opinion leaders, radiates sincerity again.  Many people around the world start to believe again that honest and brave leadership may be stronger than deals and political correctness.

We are approaching you about a complex legal case coming to an appeal court in France soon; where a defamation case, a blood libel against the Israeli people, and the reputation of France, its justice system and its President are at stake.

Below I recall some facts about this case and about the close involvement of the French presidency.

(We, Take-A-Pen, are a global volunteer organization around the world which in 18 languages and in many countries watches the media and public life for their truth or untruth said and done, particularly about Israel and the Middle East. We act and publicly write in defense of the truth.)


One of the worse atrocities against truth the world has seen in recent years was the less than a minute long movie of France’s TV-2 about the alleged deliberate killing of a Palestinian boy, Mohammed al-Durrah, by Israel.

This movie and the photos became the most powerful icons of the Palestinians, of global Jihad and of hatred of Israel around the world.

Powerful icons both for honest people who naïvely believed that such cruelty had really happened, and for global Islamist militancy which uses it since then for recruitment to terrorism, for incitement to hatred of their young ones and even as a direct pretext of an estimated at least 500 deaths in the worldwide upheaval Islamists launched after the movie, including the murder of the journalist Daniel Pearl.

Daniel Pearl's killers used al-Durrah's image in the video showing Pearl's beheading.


The problem with the France TV-2 movie is that it most probably is an absolute fake.


The short al-Durrah show, published and distributed in the whole world free by TV-2, was edited from a forty times (!) longer raw footage. But that raw footage, at least 27 minutes long, was never shown by TV 2 to the world or to professionals who formally requested to see it.

The single witness of the al-Durrah movie’s authenticity was the photographer, Palestinian cameraman Talal Abu Rahma himself. Charles Enderlin, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for France 2 then, had not been present when the al-Durrah movie was shot and apparently did no serious check of authenticity before he released the libelous movie.


On the other hand great many signs and professional researches made by German, American, international and French expert teams (including investigating reporter Philippe Karsenty of Paris) indicate that the movie in which the boy supposedly "dies" - is a complete forgery!

Absurd contradictions were found by dozens within that short movie, like: we can hear maybe a hundred shots, but later a recording was found that during the editing of the movie the sound of one shot was endlessly repeated. Or: after the hundreds of shots not one hole was seen in the drum which stood right behind father and son allegedly for 45 minutes of shootings. Or: the ambulance arrived and left the scene within a few seconds; hardly enough for sportsmen to jump into the back of a car; but the evacuation of the injured boy or his body could never be seen. No body or reliable hospital record of the allegedly dead boy was ever found or documented.


All circumstantial evidence suggests strongly that a cunning fake made by the photographer combined with the utmost professional negligence by the film’s editor, Charles Enderlin, produced one of the most severe global blood libels of our time.

Release of the crucial evidence held by TV-2 could solve the doubts. It seems that this is exactly what TV-2 wants to avoid.


Since then this most ‘successful’ fake propaganda film inspired a whole new Palestinian and Islamist lie industry; whole studios, widely called and documented as ‘Pallywood’, are fabricating staged false ‘news’.


In recent years the falsity of TV 2’s al-Durrah movie has gradually became a global consensus. The only way TV-2 could obstruct truth be found and be fully proven, has been its refusal to disclose the full raw footage.

Last September the French court rendered, after then-President Chirac’s rather weird intervention, a judgment against Philippe Karsenty for defamation, in favour of Charles Enderlin and TV-2 television station.

This politicized judgment damaged very seriously the reputation of President Chirac, of the French justice system and of France as a whole.



Dear President Sarkozy!  On September 12, 2007 Philippe Karsenty will present his appeal to the court against the 2006 judgment.

We are appealing to you now for your support to a fair and not manipulated appeal procedure. 

Of course we are not suggesting that you interfere with the course of justice; but we do suggest that you undo the previous French President’s intervention seemingly against finding the inconvenient truth.

We do request that you support the court ordering France TV-2 to release the crucial evidence: the 27 minutes long footage, filmed by the sole witness cameraman, and never shown to the public or to experts. 


True that the release of that evidence and the court’s finding the truth about France 2’s fraud are going to cause embarrassing moments for certain people and institutions.  But such embarrassing moments are going to come anyway.  The question is whether you, France’s President today, are going to be the hero of finding the truth - or its obstructer, as Mr. Chirac may be remembered for a long time.


We wish you, to France and Israel, to Philippe Karsenty and the whole world; success for Justice.




Chairman of Take-A-Pen








(2)   Background information:

Background info for the Muhammad al-Durrah fake, in English and in French:




(3) UPDATE -  Mohammed al-Dura with father before shot to death (France2 TV)IDF demands France 2 video of al-Dura shooting

ICEJ, Sept. 18, 2007

The IDF has apparently reopened its probe of a highly controversial incident that helped fuel the second Intifada in its earliest days seven years ago, as the Israeli military has requested that the France 2 television network hand over its unedited video of the shooting of 12-year old Mohammed al-Dura in Gaza.

The IDF request comes in the midst of a legal battle between the network and its Israel reporter Charles Enderlin, and French media monitor Philippe Karsenty, who claims France 2 manipulated the video to make it appear that IDF soldiers shot al-Dura. France 2 brought a libel suit against Karsenty and won at trial, but he has appealed the verdict and expects a ruling within days.

The Palestinians turned al-Dura into a leading symbol of the armed intifada and a model of child martyrdom for other Palestinian youths.

"The IDF is dealing directly with the network on the issue," an IDF spokeswoman told
Haaretz on Monday, without explaining why the army had made the request.

The Palestinians blamed the IDF for the boy’s death and the IDF quickly apologized, but a military investigation later concluded that the boy was probably shot dead in a Palestinian crossfire. A local Arab cameraman, Talal Abu Rahma, shot the video for the French network, which widely distributed only 55 seconds of the 27 minutes of film taken.

Among the evidence pointing to Palestinian culpability is the angle of fire and use of automatic weapons, both of which indicate a unit of six IDF soldiers besieged in a nearby pillbox at Netzarim Junction were not responsible for al-Dura's death on September 30, 2000.


(4) UPDATE – September 23, 2007:  

Dam Bursts at Al Dura Trial

by Nidra Poller

September 20, 2007

PJM (pajamasmedia) Paris:    Real or staged?
Many have accused the photo of young Mohammed Al Dura’s father shielding him from Israeli bullets of being a fake, but the original videotape from which this photo was drawn has been hidden from view by France 2. Yesterday a French judge finally ordered the channel to produce it. PJM’s Nidra Poller was one of the only journalists to witness this stunning turning point.

Maître Bénédicte Amblard, representing Charles Enderlin and France 2 in their libel suit against Philippe Karsenty (Media Ratings) dropped her pencil and lost her composure when presiding judge Laurence Trébucq, overriding the opinion of the Avocat Général, firmly demanded handover of the 27-minute unedited film shot by Talal Abu Rahmeh at Netzarim Junction in the Gaza Strip on September 30, 2000. The Maginot Line of France 2 collapsed then and there. From here on in, anything is possible.

Karsenty is appealing his October 2006 conviction for defamation in a case brought by state-owned TV channel France 2 and the station’s Mideast correspondent, Charles Enderlin. In the incriminated Media-Ratings press release, Karsenty had called for the immediate dismissal of Enderlin and then news director Arlette Chabot for their respective roles in broadcasting and upholding a hoax—the famous news report of the “death” of 12 year-old Mohammed al Dura, “target of gunfire from the Israeli position.”

While the court of first resort had granted Karsenty’s right to question the authenticity of the news report, it followed the plaintiff’s arguments and found him guilty of bad faith and publication of unsubstantiated accusations based on a single source (Metula News Agency). Karsenty appealed.

Things looked grim for Karsenty as the hearing began. There was a technical problem with the large screen he had been authorized to bring into the courtroom (which is normally equipped with a tiny outmoded TV). And the judge sternly rejected his proposed projection of a didactic montage of the disputed al Dura images.

After a brief recess during which the technical problem was solved, the hearing began with a brief interrogation on Karsenty’s professional and financial situation, followed by a rather awkward résumé—by the second judge, designated as the “advisor”— of the initial case and conviction Karsenty’s counsel, Maître Marc Lévy, interjects a request for an expertise on the 27-minutes of unedited footage, which had been viewed by three journalists—Jeambar, Leconte, and Rosenzweig—who testified that they consisted of 24 minutes of staged scenes, with no images of the al Dura boy and his father and no trace of the boy’s “death throes” that Enderlin claimed had been edited out because it was “unbearable.”

Readers should know that “discovery,” as understood in the U.S., does not exist in the French system This is how France 2 could accuse Karsenty of making unfounded accusations without facing the obligation to produce the raw footage that might substantiate them.

The judge immediately grasps the importance of the raw footage and asks “Do we have the film?” Maître Amblard replies, supremely self-confident: “Of course not.” She seems to assume that the Court will bow to the higher authority of France 2. Maître Lévy argues with subdued indignation that it is unacceptable to refuse to produce the outtakes, which are composed for 90% of staged scenes and 10% of “al Dura.”

The Avocat Général concludes, on the basis of jurisprudence, that the Appelate court does not need to examine the raw footage because the court of first resort had ruled on the case without seeing it. Maître Amblard seizes this favorable wind to embark on a typical Enderlin argument—just because 90% of the film is composed of staged scenes, it doesn’t mean that the remaining 10% is also staged. How could it be? It is the death of a child!

The judge calls a brief recess to deliberate on the request; the judges decide to examine further evidence and leave the request for expertise in abeyance. A setback for France 2, an opportunity for Karsenty.

The first exhibit is set in motion—the infamous news report of the death of the Palestinian child. The judge rejects Karsenty’s request to be allowed to interrupt the projection and explain, frame by frame, why the images do not correspond with the voice-over commentary. Things get prickly. Karsenty’s counsel fades into the background, the judge insists that she and her associates can see for themselves without Karsenty’s comments, he overrides the judge, the mood is tense but slightly comical.

Will she cut the projection and throw him out of court? Is he upsetting his apple cart? For anyone who has worked on the al Dura affair, it’s agonizing to hear Karsenty go through the tedious details while the judge, like any innocent observer, makes the same objections we’ve heard a thousand times. The shooting angle, the Israeli position, no blood, the wall intact after 45 minutes of alleged gunfire, the Reuters cameraman right next to them …The judge objects, obstructs, interrupts, but keeps watching, keeps listening, follows intelligently, assimilates large doses of information as Karsenty projects news reports from the days following the incident. Charles Enderlin and Talal Abu Rahmeh stick to their story, embellish it with details that have withstood examination for seven years but may soon be turned against them.

The projection continues with a news broadcast in which Enderlin, in all his glory as “objective reporter,” trashes the army investigation led by General Yom-Tov Samia… and ends by quoting from Haaretz: “The Israeli army shot itself in the foot.”

The Judge turns to Maître Amblard: “Are there any staged scenes in any of these news reports we’ve just viewed?”

Maître Amblard falters. She tries to refocus attention on the al-Dura report. But the judge insists. “Are there any staged scenes in the 27 minutes of raw footage that might have appeared in the news reports we’ve just watched?”

Maitre Amblard fumbles. Backs up a step as if she had been pushed. And whispers a most unconvincing “No.”

The court recesses. (Even though an informed source has already whispered the result in my ear, I am gripped with suspense.) The judges return and report their decision on the question in suspense. The expertise. The raw footage. They want it. They will not go forward until they have seen it. Maître Amblard drops her pencil. She is sincerely stunned.

Finally she mutters, “If the court orders my client to produce the footage…of course…but I don’t know where it is.”
Maître Lévy leaps forward and places a letter in the judge’s hands. It’s Charles Enderlin’s response to the Israeli army request for handover of the raw footage. Enderlin explains that it is in Paris, in the hands of the France 2 legal service.

One more brief recess as Maître Amblard attempts—in vain— to reach a France 2 official who can confirm the availability of the material.

If the footage is not turned over voluntarily by the 3rd of October, the court will issue a formal request. The next hearing is scheduled for November 14th … to view the said footage. A relay hearing is scheduled for January 16, and the case will be heard in full on the 27th of February.

Philippe Karsenty has scored a significant victory. The al Dura report has been questioned ever since it was first broadcast seven years ago. The 27-minutes of raw footage have served as a protective shield for Charles Enderlin and France 2—the “proof” that was never presented. Even after reputable journalists had viewed the footage and testified to its nature, it retained its magical quality and was used to discredit anyone who questioned the veracity of the al Dura report.

Today, a French Appelate Court destroyed that magic. The raw footage is forced to enter the sphere of reality, where it will be judged by rational standards.

The outcome remains uncertain.

Will France 2 discover a way to slip out of this injunction? Will the court temper its demand? Will the footage be produced, viewed, and dismissed as irrelevant?

Will President Sarkozy exert his authority and imperatively request state-owned France 2 to come forward, produce the evidence and, eventually, dismiss collaborators who have participated in this hoax…as requested in the incriminated Media Ratings release?

And, finally, when will the French media tear off their false faces and admit what they know about the al Dura affair?

Despite an AP release and extensive international coverage over the past few weeks, no mainstream media reporters attended today’s hearing. They missed an early warning that the rules of the game may well be changing.


Take-A-Pen’s Summary and Call for further Letter-Writing Actions:


The Judge firmly demanded handover by TV-2 of the 27-minute unedited film shot by Talal Abu Rahmeh, kept as secret for 7 years! On 14 November France 2 failed to present the whole 27 minutes long raw footage, but 18 minutes only, full of staged scenes, and no indication whatsoever of Israeli involvement.


Nidra Poller's article of Nov.20 above is maybe he best real 'Law and Order' story I read in years. The judges’ decision was a great first success in the al-Durrah Case.  At the end Nidra Poller asks: "Will President Sarkozy exert his authority and imperatively request state-owned France 2 to come forward, produce the evidence and, eventually, dismiss collaborators who have participated in this hoax…as requested in the incriminated Media Ratings release?"

That is why TakeAPen sent Letter 1 above to President Sarkozy urging his positive intervention, to undo Chirac's negative one in the court in 2006.


Since then, Take-A-Pen’s joint Youtube movie about the Nov 14 court day, our Al-Dura Backgrounder and our Reader’s Letter, all above near the top of our Home page www.take-a-pen.org , are among the most educational and updated documents about the Al-Dura Story, anywhere. 


We suggest now that after the first successes in this case, we all do now something to support it.

Like to write and to send a Letter to the media, demanding that they report now about the ongoing collapse of the unfounded France 2 “one-man story”, as intensively as they disseminated for years the unfounded accusation of Israel. 

Let’s write our letters to help to maintain the good momentum and to help Philippe Karsenty to turn around the Muhammad al-Durrah PR disaster to Israel.


Letter-Writing Call iii -     Save GAZA & SDEROT = Save SDEROT & GAZA !

    Read 2 Letters about Sderot below – and then Write Your Own Letter:


1/     A neutral organization which cares for one side only – can not be honest

   Letter to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva Switzerland:

January 22, 2008
From Maurice Ostroff
To the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Geneva Switzerland


I will be grateful if you will kindly forward this letter to the chairman of the above session, with the request that the contents be made available to all attendees

That Israel is a focus of special attention by the HRC, is obvious from the fact that in the short time since its formation in 2006, the above meeting will be the fourth Special Session relating to that country. It is therefore unsurprising that the HRC is anxious that the Israeli blockade of Gaza be ended as soon a possible and I respectfully offer a suggestion, which if adopted, will certainly achieve this result. 

Moral integrity requires that the HRC dare not miss this opportunity to effectively release the Gazans from their nightmare. However, to be practical and realistic, it is essential that it address the party that really holds the key, namely Hamas. It may be expedient politically to continue blaming Israel alone, but the time has surely come to acknowledge that Hamas bears the major responsibility for the suffering of the Gazan population. It is a sine qua non that if there were no rockets fired, there would be no blockade.

The HRC special session surely must realize that the flow of electricity, fuel and other supplies into Gaza will resume as soon as Hamas meaningfully ends the rocket attacks. By meaningfully, I mean that it does not just create a short respite during which it prepares for  a later onslaught.

It is completely illogical to expect Israel to refrain from acting to counter the serious War Crime of rockets deliberately aimed from civilian areas in Gaza, at Israeli homes, schools and hospitals with the declared intention of killing and maiming as many as possible.  More than 4,000 rockets have landed in Israel since the pullout from Gaza and it is not due to lack of intent, that none have yet landed on a crowded hospital or school.

The declared intention of the rocket launchers is to indiscriminately kill and maim as many civilians as possible. If any had fallen on a school the number of casualties would have been disastrous. In the past few weeks alone, more than 450 rockets and mortars have been launched. If each missile fired had achieved the launcher's intention, the results would have been a massacre of huge proportions. That this was and remains the intention cannot be ignored and it is only by the grace of the almighty that it has not happened.

Removing the cause of the blockade by ending the firing of rockets would obviously be of greater humanitarian value than cynically adding another vengeful one-sided resolution against Israel while completely ignoring the context in which events are taking place.

Yours sincerely,
Maurice Ostroff



2/ Letter to the International Herald Tribune:

The International Herald Tribune doesn’t support free speech -
in case that speech reveals IHT distortions

Reader’s Letter to International Herald Tribune:

To the Letter Editor       17 December 2007


Sub: “150 Civilian Rocket Victims in Germany

Thanks God this title is not true. But it will help us to understand the situation in Gaza, after the article “End Gaza sanctions” (Dec. 14) misleads readers both by untruths and crucial omissions.

First, the term “Israeli blockade”, even stressed as subtitle, is simply not true. The article itself says later that Israel provides Gaza with food and health products. Gazans who need medical care, or merchants not suspicious as terror collaborators, can enter Israel. This is not ‘blockade’.

Secondly, you condemn sanctions, but tell only in line 40 that Gaza’s ruling Hamas is a terror organization, according to US, EU, Israel and all democracies. Hamas earned this qualification by deliberately murdering hundreds of civilians and injuring thousands, including hundreds of minors. Hamas is an extremist affiliate of Iran, vows to eliminate Israelis, and a main contributor to international terrorism.  Should Israel give them free pass?

You don’t tell at all the acute reason of sanctions. Palestinian armed groups, supported by Hamas, launch rockets at Israeli civilian targets daily –above 2000 rockets since Israel withdrew its soldiers from Gaza two years ago.


Let’s do a ‘Gedenkenexperiment’ – an experiment in thinking: In case, - fortunately theoretical case only – had Hamas in Western-Europe launched 25,000 primitive rockets into Germany, killing 150 civilians and maiming thousands (these are increased numbers relative to Israel, proportionally to populations), would Germany exercise economic sanctions only?  And if so, would IHT demand to stop even these sanctions?



Endre MOZES, Chairman

Take-A-Pen - a multilingual grass-roots media-watch network
Haifa, Israel




Former 4 Take-A-Pen Letter-Writing Calls, still valid:


1)   Former Letter-Writing  Call #1:

There is a fast spreading new outcry against BBC News malpractices from consistent bias to even silent complicity with global terror.  Read this and Act with us:

“Terror victims are BBC licence-payers, too” Read sensational Telegraph article and many comments (you can easily add yours) -
 in the frame
”From Take-A-Pen’s London correspondent” - on our English pg http://www.take-a-pen.org/english/index.html or  CLICK the English button on top of Home page


2)   LW Call #2:                                                                           - August 5, 2007                             


Palestinian Hate Industry Exports to Russia

by Endre Mozes & Dr Edward Markov of Take-A-Pen


Экспорт палестинской индустрии  ненависти в Россию

              Эндре Мозес и Эдуард Марков                         

         Whenever you read about “moderate” Hamas - Write Your Letter to protest !   - Read below

3)   LW Call #3:  130 rocket victims in the UK!?  Indiscriminate Palestinian rocket attacks continue - Last update: 9Sept2007 - Read below

4)   LWC #4:  Write Against British Boycotts, Bias and Cynicism - Evidence that British Journalism is Biased - See ADL Ads here - Read below





2)     Former Letter-Writing Call                                                 August 5, 2007

Palestinian Hate Industry Exports in Russian to Russia - and more


Where-ever you read about “moderate” Hamas - Write Your Letter to protest;

Hamas disseminates deadly anti-Semitic cartoons to Russian speaking audiences


We learn from this IICC article about novel methods of the Palestinian hate industry: the ruling Hamas uses the Internet to disseminate anti-Semitic hate speech, like Nazi Stuermer-like cartoons, to Russian speaking target audiences in Russia and in ex-Soviet Central Asian republics.

The prominent theme of the cartoons is that Israel and the Jews are bloodthirsty monsters engaged in a holocaust of the Palestinian people. 

See one cartoon only and try not to get sick.


Read more in our next window: ‘Latest Items’  -  by Endre Mozes & Dr Edward Markov of Take-A-Pen www.take-a-pen.org , and in Russian   based on a call from Giyus.org , about an article of the Terrorism Information Center on the http://ws.collactive.com/points/point?id=BKyJOcyj40yw  website.



3)     Letter-Writing Call :                                                    Last update: 9 September 2007 (original: 21May)

                 130 rocket victims in the UK !?







Shirel Friedman, 32, Z”L, of Sderot


  Shirel Friedman and Chai Shalom were the 14th and 15th Victims of Palestinian Kassam Rockets.

 Write your letter stressing that Israel has all the rights to defend its citizens from Hamas’ rocket attacks.


  Some European newspapers say Kassams are ‘harmless home-made' rockets – but it’s simply untrue.  Think of this: 15 rocket victims in Israel means proportionally as if

130 rocket victims in the UK!   

Or  700 rocket victims in the U.S.!   Would anybody dare to call these ‘harmless’?



TAKE-A-PEN'S Letter-Writing Call: 

    Whenever you read about Gaza or see a newspaper down-playing the Kassams rockets as harmless, or now - Write your letter to your paper and/or TV station!.  On any aspect of the Palestinian violence, either inside Gaza or against Sderot. Remember Shirel Feldman and Chai Shalom z”l,  you may read about them below, and remind their deaths.

   You can protest the indifference of the Western media and politicians to the long-time suffering of Sderot's Jewish population, living under siege for more than six years. Your letter may point out certain European newspaper's recent trick; to stress Palestinian losses due to Israeli operations only, without telling about the ongoing Palestinian anti-Israeli atrocities, committed by the Palestinians unilaterally for a long time before, and also about the Israeli self-constraint for the same long time. 

   You may read some supporting info here below.                                      E.M.



   On 22nd May evening a young Israeli woman, Shirel Friedman, 32, died from a direct Palestinian rocket hit at her car in Sderot.

   After more than 15 Kassam rockets received that day, at 9:30 pm three further rockets hit Sderot, one directly Ms. Shirel Friedman's car parked at the commercial center of the town. Shirel – a beautiful name meaning 'Song of God' - suffered from injuries to her limbs and stomach. She was evacuated by a Magen David Adom (Red Cross) crew to the Barzilay Medical Center in Ashkelon, where she died from her wounds. She was the 17th Israeli who died from Kassam rocket attacks from Gaza in recent years.  

    On June 2 Chai Shalom, a 13 year-old wheelchair-bound boy, who had cerebral palsy, was deaf and mute, and had congenital heart problems, also died, in Beer Sheva's Soroka Hospital, of injuries suffered from a direct hit of a Palestinian Kassam rocket at the autobus of the institute of handicapped children in Sderot. All fifteen children were injured. Chai Shalom – his name meaning ‘Living Peace’ - became the 18th victim in Sderot.

    All eighteen Israeli victims of the Kassam rockets, including Shirel – ‘Song of God’ - and Chai Shalom have been non-combatants.

    Just think of it: 18 victims in Israel mean as if 180 rocket victims in the UK proportionally. Some European newspapers' emphasis on Kassams being harmless 'home-made' rockets is - simply untrue.  These papers are knowingly covering up to Hamas’s deliberate attacks against Israeli civilian population, which is a war crime.

Shirel Friedman's funeral on 22 May 2007


  A central question is: whether the 'occupation' is really the Palestinians’ main problem? Gaza is not occupied for more than two years now. In these two years, since Israel evacuated the whole Jewish population of the Gaza strip and transferred the whole area to the Palestinians, different Palestinian organizations shot more than 1700 rockets at Israeli civilian targets, mostly in Sderot, a Jewish city of 20,000. Their internal violence has also multiplied itself.

   In addition to their endless aggression against Israel the different Palestinian military fractions,  led by the ruling Hamas, have been involved also in endless bloody internal wars, with hundreds of victims.


    After its long-kept unilateral self-constraint proved to be counter-productive, Israel suspended it now and started to target the perpetrators of the rocket attacks.



Palestinian Rocket Barrage on Israeli civilian population in Sderot

By Endre Mozes

21 May 2007 – Updated Sept. 9


Is the 'occupation' really the Palestinians' main problem? There are no Israelis in Gaza for more than two years now, but intra-Palestinian violence has only increased there. Hamas and the Fattah killed more than 60 of each other's people there in a week. While this Palestinian military chaos joins their existing political and economic chaos and while all foreign aid intended to help the Palestinian people end up in gang wars or illegal military actions, the question arises whether the Palestinian society and particularly its leaders are mature enough for self-rule.


In the same period also 140 Kassam rockets were fired at the Israeli civilian population of Sderot and its vicinity, mostly by gunmen of the Hamas; of the official rulers of Palestinian Authority.  However, their attempt to draw Israel into Gaza for a military ground operation – failed.  

While Hamas demonstrates again that it has remained a terrorist organization – as it was classified by the US, UK and the whole UN in the past – Israel on the other hand demonstrated remarkable constraint and proved to be a moderate even in front of  such harshest Hamas  violations of the previous truce.

Schools have been closed in Sderot and more sensitive parts of Sderot's civilian population have been evacuated. Israel's PM, Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff all agreed not to launch a major ground operation to Gaza, but to target from the air directly the Hamas perpetrators of the Kassam rocket attacks, and them only. The Israeli government declared that until the Hamas continues the indiscriminate bombing of the civilian population in Sderot and elsewhere in Israel, no Hamas leaders can feel safe either.


Read two further writings about Sderot right below. Read 2 relevant Readers’ Letters; ‘2503 Children Don’t Go to School in Sderot and Gaza and: 'Gaza – Confronting is Not Joining' on our English page http://www.take-a-pen.org/english/index.html or Click the 'English' button above).


And wherever you see a distorted description of the situation in Gaza or in Sderot – Write your own Reader's Letter!


Briefing by FM Livni to the Diplomatic Corps in Israel - Opening statement

18 May 2007

"Israeli citizens in the southern part of Israel are under constant attack. The situation in the south is not part of an ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. For too long, the international community has taken the situation in the southern part of Israel as acceptable, as part of the routine in Israel - and it is not. Enough is enough"

American reporters witness the sheer terror of rockets in Sderot


                                                               quoted in Take-A-Pen www.take-a-pen.org


4)  Take-A-Pen's Letter-Writing Call                       Update 21July 2007 (original: 6 May)

         Write Your Letter against British Boycott, Bias and Cynicism

                 Clear Evidence that British Journalism is Biased!

                                    Write your short reader's letter to your paper!

Write also in other countries, this boycott call's importance is global.


The British National Union of Journalists called the British government and others to boycott Israel.  This is the largest organization of British journalists representing about 40,000 members.  Journalists, whose ethics and oath should be for impartial reporting of the facts, take side.

We have to do our best against it. Because this is not a one-time event. This is only the climax of the long-time on-going incitement against Israel by parts of the British journalism, constantly worsening the conflict in the Middle East. 


Many British papers have condemned this NUJ boycott call.  We, Take A Pen, do not do this - at least not fully. Why?

Because, although we do despise the boycott call's content and the NUJ for doing this, however we appreciate the clarity this NUJ boycott call generated.  For a long time this is the first totally open, sincere, non-hypocritical, direct British declaration of a sensitive and ugly fact; a fact we knew for years but couldn't easily prove.  With this formal decision the representatives of the British journalists actually issued a formal certificate:


‘Certificate’ witnessing that:

A very large part of the British media and of British journalists is institutionally biased against Israel, ignorant about Israel and in its misinformed blind hatred ready to leave behind all decency and  journalistic ethics, looking only for actively harming Israel and its people.”



Until this ‘certificate’ is formally withdrawn and the inciters of this active hatred are ousted from their rows, the British journalist community as a whole will have been declared by itself to be incompatible and disqualified for any impartial and honest coverage of  what happens in and around Israel. Active perpetrators of hatred against one side in a dispute obviously can not pose themselves as honest reporters or commentators in that same dispute.


As said many British writers and many British papers have condemned the NUJ boycott against Israel, from the Evening Standard and The Times to The Guardian, from the Daily Telegraph to The Independent.  Others, like The BBC have been conspicuous in their word-twisting, only to avoid issuing a clear condemnation.  But all in all one can appreciate the lot of disapproving writings in Britain about the NUJ boycott call. What is the problem then?


The problem is that the boycott call is only the tip of the iceberg of hatred-driven British journalism when it comes to Israel.  The tip of the iceberg of a years-long crucial issue about the British journalism; having produced a huge amount of hatred-driven journalism about Israel.

Our, Take-A-Pen's politically independent volunteers around the world follow world media in up to 18 languages.  So we are in the position to realistically compare international media phenomena and tendencies.  We found it sadly and have been saying it for years, that a large part of the British mainstream media covers the Arab-Israeli conflict and the life in Israel with a strong anti-Israel bias; uncritically accepting and disseminating deceitful Arab propaganda, frequently on the border of hate-speech. It is very sad to say that by international comparison the British media has been found as probably the worst in this respect in the world of free press.  And please, don't try to console me, anyone, that this is half of the British media only, or less than a half. The sad fact is that a not negligible part of this once admired red apple is, how to put it nicely, infected… er… simply rotten.     


Bias: For years Take-A-Pen’s criticism sent to the British media about their bias, even in thoroughly documented cases, were rarely considered and honestly corrected (like in one case by the Guardian), but were typically shrugged off (like by The Independent). The worst case is again the BBC, which, after our critical studies targeted us with several legal threats, aiming at intimidating us. This is the actual practice about free speech of The BBC; self-declared champion of free speech. (Seven threatening BBC mails are in our files). 

It would be tempting to elaborate now on what many analysts say and demonstrate with hundreds of examples, that the BBC News has been strongly biased for years, but no more need. Recently both Arab sources and the BBC itself declared, as if for the defence of the kidnapped Alan Johnston, that the BBC's activity in Gaza had been fully devoted to Palestinian interests. (Johnston had been the only Western reporter allowed to work there, guess why. But even the BBC’s and his willing collaboration did not save him from unlawful treatment.


Cynicism: It would be tempting to discuss the cynical BBC's championing freedom of information and spending 200,000 pound for a legal procedure to obstruct the publication of the internal Balen report which obviously reveals the BBC's heavy bias in the Middle East.

But let's withstand these temptations for distraction, today there is no more need for further detailed proofs.


The debate 'Is the British journalism biased?' is over. It has been concluded 'Guilty of Bias', based on evidence issued by the most authentic forum possible; by the British journalists themselves. The National Union of Journalists' decision to boycott Israel, and Israel alone of all the countries and nations on earth, is full-proof evidence that the representative body of British journalism discriminates Israel and is actively hostile to Israel, biased and also much worse than biased, this is totally incompatible with the least of journalistic ethics. Not reporting the facts but distorting them, not objectively reporting but trying to manipulate them by active participation.

Not much consolation is that parts of the British journalism hate the US probably even more than Israel only do not dare to attack it so openly. Neither is a real consolation that the vote in NUJ was a narrow 64 to 56.


Had not fifty three (as voted) but only five percent of British journalists believed in mediaeval blood libels like that Israel is an apartheid state as ex-South Africa, it would be enough for alarm and shame.


Apartheid?  In fact Israel is probably the first and only country and nation in human history, which, while involved in a long and bloody war with a dreadful enemy, did never do any harm to the ethnic minority akin with that enemy, living within the country; Israel’s Arab population.  1.2 million Arabs are living in Israel in relative wealth and with human rights far above those of their brothers' in any of the 23 Arab countries.

We see the for example the UK doing great efforts to progress further towards racial equality there, but I believe Israel does not less for this, and although lives in a much more sensitive situation, has achieved probably more in respect of racial equality.


This NUJ boycott call disqualifies the British press to claim to be a world leader, what until now - it turns out, wrongly - many believed.

The honest silent majority of the British journalism has to work very hard and with exceptional perseverance in order to cure this severe professional and ethical illness within, revealed by the detestable boycott call, and to do this both for pure justice and in order to regain its good name.

Think about it.  And even more important: write your letter about it.


Endre Mozes




 Write your short reader's letter to your paper!

 Write also in other countries, this boycott call's importance is global.


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